About the company:
Hobbytronik is a company (founded in autumn 2007) that sells electrical, mechanical and electromechanical components on the Internet.
We sell to individuals, schools, universities and companies.

We strive to offer products that normally can be difficult to find in larger chain stores for a good price and selling goods that fit together with each other.
For example: you buy an electric motor of us. Then it is obvious that at least some of the wheels we sell fit to the electric motor, the existence holder for the motor, motor controller, links and so on. This principle applies to all goods Hobbytronik sell.

Everything for the convenience of you who like to create their own projects and minimize the trouble of finding the right stuff!

Hobbytroniks visions are

offering high quality otherwise inaccessible products at a good price for people who have a passion for designing and creating custom technology projects in all its forms.

sharing of knowledge through articles and forums and contribute to an active community

To spread the enthusiasm and joy of creating your own projects

Jonas Jarvoll

Company information:
The company holds an F-tax and organization number is 7609235614. The VAT ID is SE760923561401. Hobbytronik owned by JAJ Technology.