120:1 Miniväxelmotor, offset Visa full storlek

120:1 Miniväxelmotor, offset

This compact, inexpensive, low-current gearmotor (brushed DC motor with a 120:1 reduction gearbox) is well suited for use in small robots.

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This brushed DC gearmotor is very compact and weighs only 19.5 grams — perfect for building a quick, miniature robot. The recommended operating voltage range for this motor is 3 to 6 V, though the gearmotor can start rotating at voltages as low as 0.6 V. At 4.5 V, the motor has a free-run current of 80 mA and a stall current of 800 mA. The stall current, torque, and rotation speed will approximately scale linearly with the motor voltage. The gearbox is protected by a built-in safety clutch that will typically slip before gear teeth can shear.

The gearbox output shaft is offset from but parallel to the motor shaft.


  • Storlek: 36.5 x 20 x 27.4 mm
  • Vikt: 19.5 gram
  • Axel: 3 mm offset D-formad
  • Spänning: 4.5 V
  • Strömförbrukning utan last @ 4.5 V = 80 mA
  • Strömförbrukning blockerad @ 4.5 V = 800 mA
  • Växlingsratio: 120:1
  • Max vridmoment: 220 g/cm
  • Varvtal @ 4.5 V: 120 rpm